Event Recap: The NWBLK

The NWBLK (pronounced “new black”) is a design collective with a seriously slick space. Its massive, brick warehouse at 18th and Bryant is a hybrid retail-work facility: A corner of the building is dedicated to machinery, workbenches and tool boxes. Open-air artist offices hover above what seems like an eternity of floor space. Its fluid set up is integral in its mission to erase the boundaries between designer and consumer. The NWBLK hopes this foundation will produce a transparent and engaging relationship that will spur collaboration and innovation.

The NWBLK hosted a two-night event celebrating its public opening earlier this month. The space posed as a gallery featuring furniture and objects imagined and crafted by NWBLK-allied designers, including Christopher Boots Lighting, Phase Design, and San Francisco’s own N.I.C.E. Collective.

Guests were greeted by a sharp-dressed man who directed them through the open, street-level loading dock and toward the glowing light of the main hall. An elegant, black chaise rested its golden base on an installation of multi-colored, crushed and tied cardboard. A massive, round light fixture was adorned with a crown of jutting, clear crystals. A super-soft leather jacket hung near a table of pattern-scraps and pictures of rock stars wearing the finished garment. Wine service traveled via tutu-ed roller skater, and passed hors d’oeuvres — catered by us! — included rich arancini and creamy, roasted marbled potatoes. Check out our photos from the event below:

The NWBLK // Aerial view of event space

Bartenders behind beverage service station

Passed hors d’oeuvres: Stuffed Marble Potatoes with Chives and Microgreens

Passed hors d’oeuvres: Arancini with Aged Balsamic, Saffron Aioli and Microgreens

Bagged popcorn and snack table // SWT (“sweet”) and SVRY (“savory”) popcorn

Guests through silver leather // Crystalized light fixture

Artist-made bicycle frame, close up // Aerial view of DJs and handmade, solid-wood speakers

Roller skating wine service // Guests admiring the artist’s wares

Aerial view of guests in event space

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