Art Deco Day to Night

The key to throwing any time period-themed party is creating an authentic atmosphere. The Art Deco Society of California knows a thing or two about cultivating a specific style, which is celebrated annually by San Francisco Bay Area Art Deco enthusiasts at the Art Deco Preservation Ball. This year’s gala takes place on Saturday, April 27 at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland — a national landmark of Art Deco design. Characterized by agressive geometry and intricate embellishments, Art Deco is an elaborate leap from the fluidity and simplicity of modern design, but still totally achievable by following some simple design guidelines. This luxurious style (and upcoming ball!) is the Pinspiration for our board, Deco Day to Night.

Colors: Rich colors define Art Deco style. Go for creams and whites accented by turquoise and sapphire green for a daytime soiree and deep burgundy, gold and black for night.

Textures: Complementary textures and geometric patterns create a lush atmosphere. While soft feathers help to balance harsh feel of angular symmetry, ornately patterned plates placed on top of a dramatic print will amp up the opulence.

Shape: Straight lines are the backbone of Art Deco boldness. Thin stemmed wine glasses are a delicate contrast to architectural silverware and thick marquee fonts beckon bow-tied misters and finger-waved gals to take their seats at the table.

How do you incorporate your favorite element of Art Deco design into your own Gatsby-themed event?

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