Pinspiration: Autumn Ash

Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch

It’s difficult to notice the change of the season when you work in a bustling, industrial neighborhood like Bayview. So to get a real flavor for fall, we took a trip to the Inner Sunset to visit Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch. Claiming to be the first patch to open in the city, Clancy’s hay-filled, parking lot-sized plot not only houses a trio of young turkeys and a straw barrel kiddie maze, but it also sells pumpkins of varying ghoulish colors. Though hues range from iridescent blue to chalky pink, our favorite color oddity is stark white. The ghost-colored pumpkins are both elegant and festively rustic, providing just enough holiday pop in a modern setting. They’re the source of Pinspiration for our event theme board, Autumn Ash:

Rustic white: Use white-washed wood or ceramic serving-ware to mimic the sheen of the awesome albino pumpkins. From birch-like tiered platters to glossy ceramic beverage pitchers, a monochrome palate will make this rustic decor feel sleek and modern. If you’re looking to bring more of that country-harvest feeling to your setting, try out a pair of cream glazed quail centerpieces or a feather-like corn shuck wreath, which looks a lot classier than it sounds.

Burlap Accents: Burlap is a cheap way to decorate any fall-time party. It’s very easy to manipulate, which makes it a versatile design weapon. Cut it into thin strips and weave it into a table runner, rip it to achieve a DIY-mating effect to outline mounted photographs and hanging menus, or stamp it with the guest-of-honor’s initials to make any centerpiece or party favor more personalized.

Pop of Red: Round out this cosmopolitan-feeling decor with sparse pops of red. It’s unexpected enough to feel unique for the season (since “fall” and “Halloween” usually conjure up the color orange) yet familiar enough to find enough holiday-appropriate accents. Simply set an orchard-picked apple at each table setting, or scatter cranberries and freshly fallen leaves across the table.

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