Bring Fresh Baked Pie to the Table with Thanksgiving Sweets To-Go, from RJC

We’re serious about saving room for dessert. Especially at the most epic meal of the year, Thanksgiving. After spoonfuls of savory stuffing, seconds of buttery mash, and slices of tender turkey, there should always be a pie-shaped space left in your stomach for something sweet. This year, Rebecca Jean Catering is cooking up Thanksgiving Sweets To-Go — a trio of freshly baked, easily transportable, and seasonably spiced pies.

RJC’s Thanksgiving Sweets To-Go is based on our belief that a sweet pie is the perfect way to end a Thanksgiving meal. Our dessert menu features the recipes of our three most perfectly baked holiday pies:

Classic Pumpkin Pie, ($20/ea.): This traditional dessert is the go-to pie for Thanksgiving. It’s buttery, flaky crust is a perfect textural contrast to the creamy, spiced-pumpkin filling.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, ($22/ea.): We put a boozy twist on a Southern specialty. The faint flavor of high-end bourbon lingers around the gooey molasses that holds each roasted pecan in place.

Persimmon-Apple Crisp, ($18/ea.): These seasonal fruits are baked together to create a a delicately balanced dessert. Subtle, flowery notes from the persimmons and juicy sweetness from the apples make a fresh tasting filling beneath a crumbly topping.

Each pie serves approximately eight people, and is made-to-order by our pastry chefs from scratch. Whether you’re gifting to co-workers, reuniting with relatives, or pitching in with friends at a potluck,  invite them to celebrate the spirit of the season by gathering around a delicious artisan pie from Rebecca Jean Catering.

Order one pie (or all three) today! Email your inquires to

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